Store with This End Up, Antique Brass Barrel Stencil

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I clearly have a weakness for antique stencils bearing texts that make them interesting as signs of sorts now, and this is a great example. I presume it was made for painting signage on the lids of barrels, but am not sure what contents would specifically require storing one end up and opening from the other? I love that one can't look at it without imagining the object it implies, and especially the symbol at dead center, looking like an eye watching to ensure that its orders were carried out! And also how to hang it now so as to be readable one must do so "this end up," following its instruction in a flat surface sense, while it implies another dimension. 

13 1/14 x 13 3/8” t and in good condition, with a great patina. Small loss to upper left edge, to the interior of the "P" and a clean tear at corner of E in the bottom End.