Stop + Look = Safety Old Brass Sign Making Stencil

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I've seen some old brass stencils salvaged from apple orchards, which were used for labeling bushels or boxes of different varieties, and also some cut with old company logos--but I've never seen one I like as much as this Stop + Look = Safety stencil, which I think rather transcends its original function to read almost like a text piece by Jenny Holzer! So many contexts in which this would be good; I myself might hang it over the front door (or above where I drop my car keys), to serve as a succinct reminder to take caution when going out in the world

Earlyish 20th century I believe and in great condition. The front is shiny while the back shows the original patina. Small dings, minor bends and surface scratching, which just make it better. Of a great scale at 20 5/8" long x 6 3/4" t.