Inuit Carved Stone Reclining Figure

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I've written before that my favorite Inuit sculptures possess an internal tension, holding apparently competing instincts or states of being in balance. I also tend to love those that more "primitive" than highly refined. Both hold true with this figure, whose posture is everything--three-quarters reclining, as if at rest, but certainly flexing one's core muscles to hold there! The profile created is of four gently curving steps, and the view from above is of a serene, open, broad-nosed face looking straight up toward the heavens. Wonderful. 

Mid-century or earlier I believe (and indeed, this feels like quite an old one), with disc numbers carved into the bottom, which appear to read 86548. There is a fair amount of irregularity to the stone, as shown in photos, and a rough area on the left side of the head. 5 3/4" l x 3 1/8" t x 2" w.