Stark Black Working Decoy with Marvelously Hooked Old Beak Repair

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This might not be the decoy for the decoy connoisseur, but for the lover of highly evocative, very singular sculptural objects, I think it is a most fantastic thing! It is very clear, especially from the top of the head, that this working decoy was shot over quite a bit, and I assume its original beak took the worst of the hits. Someone appears to have valued it enough to carve, paint, and attach a new one, transforming its profile and character dramatically in the process, such that it now reminds me very much of the roothead coot decoys I so love. This wonderfully awkward thing really moves me on every level.

15” l x 7 1/4” t x 6” w. and in very good structural condition, sits flat as there is no longer a lead weight on the underside.