Star Brand Threads Old Hand-carved Wooden Print Block (with Print on Front)

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Star Brand thread was a brand of the American thread company, founded in late 19th c., with several large plants in New England that operated until the 1970s, including one in Milo, Maine. I'm not sure if this print block was used for printing advertising signs or for internal signage or what, but this is definitely the Star Brand font and I'd guess the carved wood block, and the print made from it and adhered to the flip side, date to the 1930s or early 40s. I just really love the looks of it, printed in this very Naval-feeling blue, and it makes me want to get out the sewing machine and sew something! 

10 5/8" t x 9 1/2" w x 7/8" d. Print block itself, inked in blue, is in very good condition. Print, done on a sort of vellum type paper, is aged in what I find a really beautiful way. It was adhered all over, and is stiff, with a few tears/cracks and a little minor rippling.