Stanup Vintage Stand Up Horsehair Brush with Painted Wood Handle

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I've always got an eye out for brushes, and grabbed this one for its cream-painted wood handle with a great, pedestal-like silhouette that enables it to stand up on its own. I have not found another quite like it, or any others with the "Stanup" brand trademark for that matter, making it a nice addition to a brush collection. I'd guess 1920-40s. It is marked Sterlized Japan on the opposite side of the handle. 

There's a fair amount of paint loss and cracking, and some staining to the horsehair bristles, which seem a mix of white and a reddish horsehair, but I think it still looks pretty great, and is structurally solid with very little bristle loss or looseness. 6 7/8" long x 3 1/4" d at widest; handle measures 3 3/8" l x 2" d.