Stanley Tools Stanlo L500 Modular Metal Construction Set, 1930s

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I'm not especially good at envisioning elaborate structures to build with legos and the like, but the fantastic colors and design of this c. 1930s Stanlo set made it way too cool to pass by. I've learned there were a number of different Stanlo sets produced, including at least one that featured a motor--all preceding the Erector set. Apparently, they never quite caught on, and now are pretty rare to find--after spending a little time building with this one, I think perhaps it was just ahead of its time! (It seems to me Buckminster Fuller would have had a good time with it, especially as it features triangular shaped panels that allow for building faceted structures!)

The box is pretty beaten up but the set seems to be pretty complete, with metal panels of various sizes in cream, aqua and red, plus yellow wheels of two sizes and metal posts of a range of sizes for connecting them together. There is some staining/rusting to some of the panels; I think some of which would come off with a good cleaning, which I have not done. Structurally all seems to be in good shape, and the pins fit smoothy through the tabs in the panels.

Box measures 21" l x 10 1/4" w x 2 1/8" t. Largest panels are 3 1/8" across.