Spokeshave Tool With Gorgeous Patina

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I've become completely enamored of old handcrafted tools just for the spectacular, typically wonderfully worn objects that they are, but I'm also trying to learn a bit about what they are and do along the way!

This is an old wood--I think perhaps beech--and forged iron spokeshave, the incredible beauty of which photos do not do justice. Spokeshaves--which apparently date to prehistoric times, when they were used to shape arrow shafts--occupy a space between chisels and planes, allowing for fine planing, especially of curves. Examples like this one, with a forged metal blade held to the wooden body with two tangs, has  given way to modern spokeshaves with threaded tangs allowing for the adjusting of the blade.

The wood on this one is incredibly smooth from use; this is just an amazing object to hold in your hand. While one of these days I vow to try my hand at woodworking, in the meantime I would simply set or hang this beautiful tool somewhere I could see it and pick it up more than occasionally; just gorgeous!

10 1/8" long x 1 1/4" tall and wide. In great use vintage condition with a fantastic patina.