19th C. Spencerian Calligraphic Ink Drawn Fish

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One sees Spencerian calligraphic drawings of deer and birds, especially, around, but rarer to come across a fish, and while this one shows a couple of tears along the bottom edge (which I've mended from the reverse with transparent archival tape), it strikes me as a perfect thing for a fisher-person--as well, of course, as for a lover of antique calligraphy, as I am. I really love the face on it too, looking a bit smug and self-satisfied, perhaps too wise to take the bait!

12 5/8" x 8 1/4". 3rd or 4th quarter 19th c, I'd guess earlier than later. Some toning as evident, a few tears along the edges as noted and as documented. and a bit of creasing along the bottom edge, which one should be able to press out fairly well; I'll place under some weight to flatten in the meantime.