Spectacular Large Gold Painted Tramp Art Box with Many Hearts

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Quite a box!...and one which I think would make the ultimate Valentine for one's love or one's self! This box is quite large, but the density of the design, beauty of execution, and excellence of its condition makes it feel not too much at all. Super sculptural, beautifully crafted, radiant, and happily able to hold a bunch of stuff inside.

Not a missing bit that I can see, and the gold paint has mellowed just the right amount. The hinged lid opens easily and sits flush, and the box stands level and sturdy on four stacked, chip-carved feet. Seven stacked layers of carved wood for the hearts and triangular forms all the way around, which have a really nice softness about them. Fantastic.

The box I believe dates to the late 19th/very early 20th century or so, but the interior was re-lined more recently in a red paper with raised velvet pattern, interrupted by a chip-carved strip around the perimeter mid-way down. I can see that under the red paper there is glass on the underside of the lid, which likely once held a photograph. (I don't think it would take much effort to strip the interior down to its bones.)

11 1/2" wide x 8 3/4" tall x 9" deep.