South American Woven Wool Kilim Rug with Two Birds on Branch

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What a sweet little rug this is! I love the way in which the two birds overlap as they perch on their leafy branch, giving this weaving a real tenderness...these seem like lovebirds for life! Flat woven of wool in a subtle palette of cream, blue, mossy green, ocher, and and couple of shades of gray, and measuring 22 1/4" x 23 1/2" not including fringe, this would be great on the floor, especially near an entrance or at the foot of a bed, on the back of a sofa or bench, or on top of a table, or the fringe on top could be wrapped around a dowel and stitched lightly to the back of the textile to hang it on the wall.  So sweet!

This piece is in excellent condition.