Solar Tip Shoes Antique Victorian Tradecard, c 1881

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I just love the graphics on this John Mundell & Co antique trade card for its "Solar Tip Shoes" patented in 1878 and at the time this card was produced "now used for more than three years" including by all "eleven hundred students at Girard College, Philadelphia, PA" and delivering "entire satisfaction...usually mended twice, often four times, before they are worn out." I'm not quite sure what is "solar" about the tip, but I really love the peekaboo image of bare toes inside the boot, and those great red and white patterned stockings! Just fun.

The color on the card is as bright as if printed yesterday. There is one small, clean tear that runs vertically from the bottom center-left edge. 4 7/8" x 3 1/4".