Snip Orakel Karten Mid-Century German Prophecy Cards

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I can't read more than a few words of German, but there was no way I could resist the fantastic graphics on these c. 1950s SNIP "Orakel-Karten" (Prophecy) cards, which show a clear Bauhaus influence merged with a great sense of fun! I believe Snip is the name of the long-legged, ball-bodied protagonist, who over the course of the 32 cards encounters a cast of characters from  pig to cat to spider to baby, and appears to box, get married, accumulate bags of money, and reign as king! There is text on the bottom of each which I think explains these goings-on, and then also on the backsides, I believe offering prophecies. 

Color lithography on a nice wight stock. The cards are in excellent condition, still nice and bright. The box shows some wear and staining, especially on the back side. 4" x 2 3/8"; box is 1/2" deep.