Smash The Fifth Column, WW2 Pull Tab Lottery Type Game

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It was the minimalist aesthetics of that field of white paper pull tabs that first attracted me to this, but it's the content that I think makes it especially interesting. I can't find another version of this out there anywhere, though there are examples of pull tab games, which would I believe have been displayed in stores or newsstands, with tickets (chances) sold there and payouts made as applicable. The theme here is to "smash the fifth column" meaning to destroy traitors to the Allied forces living within those countries. The board is organized into five columns -- Brussels, Warsaw, Paris, the Hague and London (the fifth), with parachuters descending across the top and details about payouts below. Not a single pull off has been pulled, and I don't wan't to disrupt its wholeness, but I believe each contains numbers inside that would correspond to which stickers above one would get to pull off for a potential payout. Quite an interesting piece of history I think, and also pretty terrific looking.

Each board measures 14" x 10 3/8 (so 28" x 10 3/4" overall). It will fold flat with the printed/tabbed sides facing out, but not quite flat the other way. It will stand up on its own like a sandwich board. Some wear as evident. All tabs and all stickers in place. Made in the USA.