Slab Pottery Plate with Sgraffito Earth Mother and Flowers

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Oh, how I love this plate! Perhaps it has something to do with being a child of the 70s, but really, I think this is pretty timeless! I assume "Power" is the last name of the artist who made this, but it would also be an apt descriptor for the earth mother depicted, whose fingers seem to be doing double duty as both raindrops and rays of sunlight, coaxing the flowers to grow. The toes of her barefoot seem to have root-like properties as well; I'd say this woman is a pretty pure embodiment of oneness with the earth! The patterns of her dress and border around the rim are terrific too, and the dark brown glaze and irregularity of the form just right. Really a super piece!

The plate measures 11 3/4" across at widest diameter and 1" high. Great vintage condition, no chips or cracks; there is a bit of irregularity to the glaze with a few tiny white dots around her feet which I believe are original to the piece.