Skyscrapers, Newsstand and Rocketships Vintage Kid's Drawing by Robert Muller

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I'd love it if this drawing had been made by the Robert Mueller as a kid, but the spelling (and middle initial) are wrong...but what a mind this Robert Muller had too, and what a drawing! I'd guess 1960s or so, and might think that the building at left center could be the Times Tower, former home of the NYT and for which Times Square is named, and the one with the porthole windows looks rather like the old National Maritime Union building in Chelsea, but I don't know for sure! The newsstand in the foreground with 7-Up sign is pretty great, but best of all these futuristic rocket ships everywhere in the sky, with one or two or there tiny little heads inside. So good. 

Pencil and crayon, 12" x 18" and in overall good condition, with a few small tears and darkening along the edges, and a few other scattered small stains. It comes in an original protective cover to keep it safe, with masking taped edges matching the darker edges of the drawing.