Simple Old Painted Chip Carved Tramp Art Wooden Frame

Regular price $75.00

I really like the size and relative simplicity and humility of this old tramp art frame, I'd guess earlyish 20th c., making it quite useful for framing for all sorts of things without overwhelming them. It's constructed of three layers in total (two on the frame, and one for details on top), with what I'm pretty sure is its original paint--a dark red overall, with a brown, which almost reads as gold, for the details. 

Great condition and super sound structurally, with a small nick at the right lower corner, very minor. Wired at top for hanging and recessed on backside wth a few metal bits still stuck in for holding a picture in place. 11 5/8" w x 14 3/4 t x 1 1/8" d.