Signed Vintage Handwoven Wool Wall Hanging of Trees in Snow

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Though I have great love of nearly anything woven and a few years back bought a loom thinking perhaps weaving was my calling (!), sometimes artistic weavings can feel a bit too 1970s and/or recent hipster to me. This one, however, I think is just right. The forest of trees is wonderful, with at least half a dozen different browns incorporated, making each tree in the foreground feel unique, while others in shades of grey and black recede into the distance. The snowy ground, too, is beautifully executed in a variety of shades and textures of cream, giving it lots of life. The piece as a whole feels a bit Viennese Secession era a la Egon Schiele, though I assume it was created in the 70s or early 80s. I don't know who BL is or was, but I think he or she was a pretty terrific weaver.

The weaving is attached to metal bars on top and bottom, making for easy hanging. 18"x21". Great condition.