Pottery Horse Sculpture with Great Lines

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I don't know the maker of this wonderful horse, which is stamped with a potter's mark on the underside of its front legs, but I really love it a lot. It reminds me a bit of the (much larger and bronze)) sculptures of Marino Marini, and I think its lines are just terrific, with this elongated body on very short legs, and elegantly arching neck, with a very kind and gentle little face to boot. Plus that fabulous fin-like mane! 

At some point this horse broke its front left leg, which its owner (a Boston based gallerist) kindly mended. Its mane is chipped along the edge (visible from certain angles) as well. See detail photos. To me, this horse rather cries out "love me," and all the more so with these flaws! 3 3/4" long and tall, 1 3/4" wide.