Signed Forest Landscape on Wooden Painter's Palette, 1904, Scandanavian

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Quite a marvelous thing, with quite an aura! I have long wanted to find a painting on an old painter's palette, and all the better it be a Scandanavian forest landscape, I believe specifically Danish, signed and dated 1904 on the reverse by brother (Fra) Anlobsopladser (I believe) of Munkebjarg, which, from what I can find, was a favored retreat for painters and artists in the late 19th/ early 20th century near Veijle Fjord. A rare and special thing, and I must say I love looking at the back almost as much as the front, so might hang it, or just prop it, in a way that I could turn it around occasionally.

11 1/4" l x 7 5/8" t x 3/16" d. There is a longish horizontal hairline crack in the wood on the right side and a shorter one above it. I don't think these much detract, but they do make one want to handle it with care. Otherwise, it is in very good condition, with a fantastic patina that fills me at least with a very strong sense of hygge!