Shoe-Shaped Antique Wooden Snuff Box with Puzzle Lid

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I've got a soft spot for antique shoe-shaped snuff boxes, of which there are an incredible variety, and also for boxes with puzzle-type lids--so of course I really love this one which is both! 

Mid to late 19th century I am pretty sure, and, based on the form and lack of decoration, as well as because I purchased it from a dealer in Dusseldorf, I do believe German. I'm not good at identifying woods but think maybe this is mahogany (?); really beautiful--perfectly smooth and with only minor wear. 

The puzzle top opens and closes through three moves--first swinging out the short top piece of the lid, which allows the longer lid below it to pull back from the wooden pin that holds it snugly in place and swing out itself. All this allows the box to close up super tight, to keep snuff or precious gems safely very sealed inside! 

4 3/8" long x 1 1/4" w x 1 7/8" tall. Excellent condition.