Dear Kid, Shirt Cuff Postcard, Mailed NYC to Philadelphia, 1860s

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Found at the Boston Antiquarian Book Fair, this thing makes me really happy--and even if one occasionally has an issue with the US Postal Service, it's pretty amazing  that a series of postal workers would see to it that a stamped shirt cuff with handwritten address would make it from New York to Philly - in the 1860s!  It reads: "Dear Kid, When are you coming over. Try and make it soon. Don't see your tailor without seeing our styles. My regards, to all the boys. As ever, your old side pardner, Snapper." Plus: "Broadway sends its regards."  Dated March 18, '69 I think, and clearly that would be 1869, with a 2 Cent Washington stamp on reverse. A pretty wonderful thing I think.

10 7/8” x 3 5/8” with scattered stains and soiling but not a lost stitch! Stiff, such that it will stand up on its own balancing off of a crease at center.