Shadowy Folk Art Brown Bunny

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This bunny has what seems to me a bit of a mischievous nature, as if just about to steal some carrots from the garden! Stained brown except from the whites of his eyes and black whiskers, he is not much more than a silhouette, with his raised front paws looking also as if they might be a ribbon tied around his neck. Somewhat mysteriously, too, there is the end of an old white pipe cleaner one can glimpse in the hole between his ears, and another in the hole on the side of his base. He is well attached to his base, so I don't think it has anything to do with that, but who knows? In any case, full of character and a nice one to stand hovering in a shady corner I think! 

9 1/4” t x 5 15/16” w  x 4” d and in good condition, with some loss of stain to the base only, no matter I think. Definitely with some good age to it.