Set of Three Progressively Sized Old Wabanaki Sweet Grass Baskets

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It's been a while since I've listed some Native American baskets from my neck of the woods--these three are Wabanaki (encompassing several Eastern Algonquin nations) and I believe most likely Penobscot. One sees these type of sweet grass and ash splint baskets around these parts, but these are especially nice antique examples, very early 20th c. I believe, which one can really feel, and I really love them as a progressively sized set of three. I purchased them from a basket collector in Upstate New York who'd had them for many years. Lovely.

Sold as set of three. Smallest:  2” t x 3 1/4 d; middle 3 3/4” d x 2 1/8” ; large 2 5/8 t x 4 5/8” d. All in very good condition, structurally sound and sturdy, with lids fitting well. Just a bit of fraying to the grass in a couple of spots on the largest basket, minor and not detracting.