Set of Three Old Brushes

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A set of three wonderful old brushes!  The long, snake-like one is a very old drafting brush, used for sweeping eraser crumbs off of blueprints; it and the rectangular one (a shoeshine brush, I believe) I would guess were made in the late 19th/early 20th c, with natural bristles attached via fine hand-stitched wire (I think horse hair on the drafting brush, perhaps boar’s hair on the other.) The third, also horsehair I think and probably 1940s or so, is a clearly much loved old shop brush with a gorgeous patina-and much life in it yet! I think all three are just exquisitely beautiful objects to look at and live with, and at least for me inspire feelings of creativity and industriousness!

Drafting brush: 23.5x4.5x.25"

Rectangular brush: 8.25 x1 3/8 x 1.25"

Shop brush: 12x3x3"