SOLD (NG) Set of Nine Old Handmade Painted Wooden Rattle Blocks

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My weakness for old wooden blocks never ceases, and I think this is a pretty special set, with each block housing what I'd guess are a few wooden beads, or maybe even beans, making a nice rattle. I think the contents vary a bit, giving a little variety to the rattling, and one of the orange blocks is just a hair smaller than the others.  I'm not entirely sure if these were homemade, or just handmade, but they've got a very homespun feel about them, with the sides held together by staples. Stacked in various configurations they make for good tabletop or shelf sculpture, and also make great pedestals for various smallish things. 

Nine blocks totally. Some paint loss, scuffs and scrapes as evident but good overall condition and very sturdy, such that they could definitely be handed to the kids to throw around. Each block measures 2 7/8" cubed.