Set of 21 Graphite Drawings of Hand Guns on Card Catalog Index Cards

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I know very little about guns but I sure loved finding these! The set includes 21 graphite drawings on 3"x5" cards, which look to have been salvaged from a library's card catalogue, making them indexical on two different levels, and bringing Thackery, George Elliot, Thoreau, Mark Twain, and many more into the mix. I have to imagine these were done by a boy of 13 or so, in 1940s-50s or so I'd guess, who very diligently rendered the attributes of each and included notes as to their capacities and sometimes histories of use, too. Quite an effort, wonderfully obsessive, and very sweet in their earnestness regardless of subject matter.

21 drawings, 3" x 5" ea, all with typed card catalog entries on reverse, Photos show just a but of curling to the cards, but I've had them under a book since and they've flattened out every nicely. Very good condition. First image is a composite, hence the slight variation in size.