Set of Five Chunky Shino Glazed Chawan (Teabowls)

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I love a chunky tea bowl and a thick shino glaze even more, so there was no way I could resist grabbing this set of hand-formed chawan, which feel almost as if they were dug out of the ground fully formed! I just love the combination of rusty orange exteriors, with clay body showing through, combined with the crusty white interiors, which show what I believe is called "crawling shino"--an effect caused by the glaze shrinking during drying and then separating into clumps, which is undesirable in most glazes but a highly desired one in shinos. Super satisfying!

These are relatively heavy and have a great feel in the hand. Great for tea, they'd also make perfect little planters alone or lined up in a row. They are each about 3 1/8" tall and wide; one is a little narrower at about 2 1/2" across. Excellent condition, with no flaws that I can see. They are signed with what looks like H3 on bottom. Sold as a set.