Set of Eight Old New York and Boston Fishmonger Delivery Slips with Great Graphics

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I found a few of these a few months ago in Maine, and went back to the source to find another handful. I’m listing as a set as I think they are really best kept together, with wonderfully complementary (and just great) graphics, together comprising a nice piece of fish mongering history. I believe these were delivery slips, which would be used to tag deliveries of freshly caught fish to the businesses that would sell them--in this case a variety of fishmongers in seaport districts of Manhattan and Boston. The reverse sides would be completed by the fisherman who were delivering the fish. Happily, these were unused and pretty much perfectly preserved. Pretty fabulous I think.

All in very very good condition. Sold as a set including 8 cards total. Century Fish Co. (upper right) measures 5 1/16" x 3".