Set of 5 Scratch Made, Painted Miniature Tin Houses

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Another of my very favorite Brimfield finds--five little wonderfully detailed scratch-made tin houses (well, four houses and a barn/shed) painted in a terrific palette, each completely its own thing. Quite a labor of love it was for someone to make these--I've had a few larger handmade tin architectures, but crafting these miniature ones would have required a great deal of extra dexterity and patience! The wrap around porch with rounded sides on the largest just kills me.  One certainly imagines these were modeled after specific houses--if only I had an entire town's worth. 

Sold as a set. Green: 2 7/16 w x 2” t x 2” d. All in very good condition, with some paint loss and one porch post lost on the largest one, which does not seem to have a structural impact.