Set of 19th Century Lowe Brothers Paint Pigments in Blown Glass Jars

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Complete and total delight to find these this week in southern Maine, at some point making their way east from Dayton, Ohio. In my experience, antique paint pigment like this is very rare to find, all the more so in the original handblown glass bottles with stoppers and paper labels in near perfect condition. I also love that this set includes not just pigments, but also flaxseed, for making linseed oil, and Zanzibar copal resin, for making varnish. And also aluminum bronze, a silver metallic powder. For me just looking at these is total inspiration, but, with most of the bottles half to nearly full, one could certainly put them to use. 

The Lowe Brothers Company was founded in September 1872 by Henry C. & Houston Lowe in Dayton, Ohio. It was acquired by Shermin Williams in 1929, though remained a brand for many decades. I believe these date to the 1870s-80s or so. 

Set of 11 bottles. Each measures  4 13/16 t x 2 1/16 d. All in very good condition. I have been unable to easily open the flaxseed, resin, or Japan color bottles and didn't want to force them, but the stoppers come out of all the others with ease. These will be especially carefully packed for safe transit.