Selina Pierson 1847-8 British Calligraphy Practice Notebook with Hand-marbled Paper Cover

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I'm pretty certain Selina Pierson was the sister of Cornelius Pierson, whose own calligraphy practice notebook is listed separately. Selina's, dating to 1847-48 and with really lovely hand-marbled paper cover, includes phrases, some partial, all relating to world geography: "Baltic, an inland sea which has no tide"; "Quito, an audience of Peru"; "Ganges, a river of India"; "Denmark, a country"; "Cortona, an ancient town." Plus small notes at the top of pages finishing the phrases, and two pages all of numbers. The handwriting is lovely, dark and bold. 

22 pages filled front and back (so 44 filled page faces.) 7 3/8" x 8 7/8". A small round hole and a little tearing along the bottom right edge of the back cover and little staining to the corresponding back of a couple final pages; overall very very good condition, bright and clear and crisp.