Sculptural Old Handmade Stacking Toy with Chippy Paint

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The perfect opposite of the classic modern rainbow Playskool and Holgate wooden stacking toys that I also love, this old lovingly homemade three post stacker is about as expressive as it gets, transcending its toy-hood to enter the realm of pure sculpture. (It makes me think a bit of Richard Tuttle, and a bit of the sculptures of Cy Twombly, too.) Not a perfectly round piece among them, and the sizes of the holes are all over the place too. The three green posts look rather like pencils, but without the lead, and with great whittled points at the ends. They extend all the way through the base, which features a bunch of old writing on it in a child's hand, but which I can't make sense of! 

Found in Maine. Great structural condition, super sturdy. Lots of chipping to the white paint, not much to the red and black.  10 1/4" l x 3 1/4" d x 5" t.