Sculptural Group of Five Pre-Columbian Pots

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I purchased these five vessels together and am listing them as a group as I think they are gorgeous together, lending themselves to all sorts of sculptural arrangements and making me want to paint a Morandi-esque still life of them. I purchased them from a seller more knowledgeable than I, who described them as Pre-Columbian Mexican, and I confident that is the case. 

Photos document each as well as the group. On the white one is written 1829 on one side, I would guess an inventory/collection number. The black one has two feet with some loss to their tips and so does not sit flush. The larger bowl has a hairline crack along one edge, no real matter I don’t think. Otherwise, all in good sturdy and stable condition and easy to be stacked and arranged all sorts of ways, which I personally find super satisfying and could photograph these all day!

Wide bowl measures 6 1/4" d x 2" t. White: 4 5/8" t x 2 5/8" w. Round bottomed vessel: 4 1/4" t. Black bowl: 4 1/4" d. Three legged vessel: 3 1/2" t. Price is for the group.