Scratch Made Tin Pennsylvania Folk Art House Bank in Red and Minty Green

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I just purchased this one back from the collector/dealer I sold it to, who had lived happily with it for a few years, and I was very glad to see it again, feeling very much like an old friend. I purchased it a few years ago from a seller in Pennsylvania--just my sort of scratch made painted tin folk art architecture, and a coin bank to boot. Great color, nice age, and with this very sweet row of painted flowers framing the front door. Plus the mint chocolate chip ice cream sort of a roof!  The slat for dropping coins in is at the center of the roof, with the only thing missing being a plate on the underside to hold them in--and so, immediate returns on one's investments! Charming.

6 1/8" t x 5 1/4" w x 3 3/4" and in very good condition.