Scratch Made Tin Folk Art Chicken Coop (which also makes a great stand)

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I purchased this coop/feeding pen along with three more structures from a seller in Maryland, all of them clearly made by the same person long ago, together adding up to a tabletop farm (house, coop, barn and dog house!) Because each structure is its own excellent thing, and because a whole farm may be a bit much to accommodate, I am selling each piece individually. Each one is quite singular, all with wonderful lines and proportions, and made especially special I think by their surfaces, which look like energetic scribbled line drawings.  I especially like the form of this one, clean and crisp and feeling a little like a Siah Armajani sculpture, while also making  a good pedestal of sorts for other things, too--like the house!

9 1/2" d x 5 7/8" w x 6 1/16" t and in excellent condition.