SOLD Scratch Made Galvanized Tin House with Glass Windows, Opening Door and Green Roof

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I found this one in New Bedford, Massachusetts this week, and would bet it was made as part of a model railroad set up, probably as a train station shelter or control station. I love a scratch made tin structure of any sort, and really like the proportions of this one, and the large windows on three sides, backed with glass. Plus a door with handle that opens out, and bright green painted pitched roof--and a dark red painted interior glimpsed by peeking in through the door.

8 1/8" t x 5 7/8" w x 8" d. C. 1940s-50s or so, I'd guess. Lots of paint loss as evident (it appears that the exterior was once painted cream). Structurally sound and sturdy and not shedding paint.