Schortmann SignHand-painted Sign-painters Antique Sign on Framed Wood Panel

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I've done some searching and found a number of Schortmann's from my neck of the woods near Boston, but I haven't been able to find anything about a Schortmann sign business, which I'd guess based on this sign operated in the early years of the 20th century, and if this one is any indication, must have made some pretty terrific signs! I love the palette-shaped outline with brushes peeking through its thumbhole, and then the little "call me up" snuck in at left, and then just this great lettering, with red shadowing the yellow on Schortmann and the great "anything."

16 16/16" x 12 1/4". I'm terrible with wood identification but think perhaps mahogany. And I am not certain but think it's likely that  it always lived in this frame, which I'd guess was salvaged from a secretary style desk. Very good condition, with a great patina of stains and scuffs and paint spatters.  The backside shows a couple of old losses to the frame, minor and not visible from the front.