Scholars Companion Antique Red Painted Tin School Supplies Box

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I believe the lid of this late 19th c. tin box would once have read "Scholar's Companion" in gold stenciled letters against, but only a shadow of the lettering remains. No great loss as far as I am concerned as I love the exposed tin combined with solid red paint holding on to the sides. Of course the interior is the best part though, revealing a small ruler, ink pen and slate pencil still secured in the tin loops of the hinged lid's underside, and the lower half divided by wooden slats into three compartments for other supplies. A sweet and pretty rare one, c. 1880s or so I believe.

  7 1/8” x 3 1/8 x 1 5/16” t and aside from some paint loss in very good shape. Lid opens easily and closes tight, hinges are in very good shape.