Antique Schoenhut Circus Red Stand with Yellow Top

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I can never resist old Schoenhut Circus furniture when I come across it--the pedestals and chairs they made I think were just terrific, and this one, I believe specifically made as a stand for the circus elephant, is among the rarer pieces to find in my experience. The top surface is the perfect yellow, and the printed pattern around the top is paper litho, adhered over red painted wood, which together with the shape of the stand gives it a bit of a Moroccan feel to me. A great pedestal for all sorts of little things. Initially founded to make toy pianos, the Schoenhut Piano Company, based in Philadelphia, debuted its Humpty Dumpty Circus in 1903 and this stand I believe dates to not long after that.

4 5/8" t x 2 3/4" wide and deep. Good condition, with surface wear all over and a bit of paper loss, all to the good in my opinion.