Schmid Kreglinger Porcelain Lagardo Tackett "Kelco" Green and Orange Teapot

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There is no shortage of great teapots out there, but for me this one rises to the top. It is the perfect shade of green--somewhere between olive and kelly--with a fabulous pop of orange around the lid.  And then there is its silhouette, boxy and direct, classic and modern all at once. I'd use this for coffee as well as tea, and when not in use, I'd set it on an open shelf so that I could just enjoy looking at it.

This teapot was designed by Lagardo Tackett for Schmid Porcelain in the 1960s and made in Japan. It is in very good condition, with one scratch at the center top of one side, documented in photos. It measures 5 5/8" tall with a diameter of 4 5/8" at opening and a width of 7 1/2" from spout to handle. The unmatched teacups in the photos are not included, but I think compliment it wonderfully!