Samuel Gifford c. 1830s Geometry School Notebook with Small Diagrams

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This is one of a new batch of several antique math and geometry notebooks just in--from a bookseller in England whose late husband collected them, and happily so.

This one is the notebook of Samuel Gifford, which I know from a few others of his dates to the 1830s or so. This one was filed half-way through from one direction, then flipped and started in from the other. Sections include Geometry, Practical Geometry, Decimals & Fractions, Mensuration Superficies, and a series of problems. Best I think are the small diagrams of triangles, angles and the like, precisely done with a ruler and compass, and then two lovely little drawings--one of a fort wall, the other of a street of row houses--illustrating word problems. Plus a great Spencerian calligraphy drawing of a bird announcing Duodecimals!

8 1/8" x 10" x 3/8". 36 pages filled front and back with just a couple of exceptions. One page torn out. Hardback with cloth spine and hand-marbled paper cover. Some wear to front and back covers and some wear to the binding but still holding together fine. Interior pages in very good condition. Text is a bit of the lighter side but crisp and readable.