Samuel Gifford 1832 Large (90 pg) Geometry Notebook, Petherton School

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This is one of second batch, just in, of several antique math and geometry notebooks from a bookseller in England whose late husband collected them, and happily so.

This is the mother of them, Samuel Gifford's from 1832, with some 90 pages completely filled on front and back. It features beautiful Spencerian + Fraktur headers throughout plus tons of geometric diagrams carefully drawn with compass and ruler, including a few enhanced with watercolor, and some use of red and blue ink in addition to black (which reads now as sepia) The book starts in one direction then was flipped midway and started in the other direction, I assume corresponding to two semesters. Pictures tell the story best. 

9 7/8" x 7 3/4" x 11/16. Hardback with leather spine and corners, and hand-marbled paper cover. Some wear to the cover, edges and corners, but overall very good condition. Some text is fairly light but all readable, and headers and diagrams are dark and clear.