Samuel Gifford 1828 British Math School Notebook (1) with Fraktur Writing

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I have long been eyeing antique school notebooks, both relating to the study of math and writing/calligraphy, and finally found a lovely set of five of them from a seller in England, which I am listing individually. This is one of two hard-backed math notebooks with marbleized paper covers and printed endpapers with "A Collection of Arithmetical Tables for the Use of Schools" of a Samuel Gifford studying at Mr. Heale's Academy in Sherborne, dating to 1828.

This and the other math notebook feature what I believe would be described as Fraktur-style lettering for the headers of sections; completely exquisite! This notebook covers topics including Multiplication and Division of Fractions, Double Proportion, Practice ("a compendious method of working questions in the 'Rule of Three'), Decimals, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division, with rules and lots of problems in each section. I especially love the word problems, which are both familiar in format but also tell us much about the times: "If 100 men besieged in a town, with provisions for 28 days, at the rate of 18 oz. a day per man..."; "If a barrel of beer be sufficient to let a family of 7 persons 12 days, how many barrels will be drank out by a family of 14..."; "If 1050 soldiers consume 250 quarters of corn in 6 months..."  Plus gorgeous writing and numbers throughout, with red ink used for  highlights in equations. Really fun to read--and great for a math refresher!--and just really lovely. 

77 filled pages + 2 printed pages at front with tables. Very good condition, crisp and clear and completely readable. Splitting to the binding visible at the very center but stable and light wear to back cover; exterior spine in good condition. 9 1/8" x 7 1/2" x 1/4".