Salesman Sample Mechanical Armature with Large Brass Ratcheting Gears (Partial)

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I'm guessing this was a salesman sample for an industrial strength clothes ringer/dryer or something along those lines, as I've seem a few with a similar sort of standing armature holding a rotating dowel at center, most of those with a crank arm on the side. Here, though, are these quite large sawtooth brass gears, which operate via ratcheting, and make the most completely satisfying sound as they do. As the gears turn so does that center dowel, which has a tiny pin out at either side, and which made me think this could be adapted for all sorts of creative uses--i.e. serving as a sort of winder, or as the mechanism for making or displaying a spooled drawing, or who knows?! The ratcheting creates a fair bit of leverage/force, making it fun to operate, and I also just think it is cool looking! Early-ish 20th c. I believe.

12 1/8” t x 5 7/8” w x 3 5/16” d, as is in terms of presumed missing parts, but in very good condition.