Saigon Stuffing Colorful British Dotless Playing Card Dominoes

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Well worn but still fantastic looking, this is a complete double six deck of playing card dominoes produced by Stokes & Dalton Ltd, Leeds, England, advertising Sagion Stuffing on their backs. The graphics on the backs are fun, but it's the color block, dot-less fronts that I really love, with inverse numbers in the opposite far corners. These really make me want to play just to see the color patterns that emerge. Super!

C. 1930s I believe, they do show plenty of wear, with stains here and there and creasing at the centers of some, though they lie flat. They come with the original box, also well worn and missing a bottom, but which still holds them together fine. Cards measure 2 3/8" x 1 3/8" and box is 1" deep.