Double Sided Canadian Folk Art Relief Carving: Strongman Victor DeLamarre + Birds and Mountains

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A wonderful portrait of an underdog, and some charming birds, too. Canadian champion strongman Victor Delamarre, portrayed on one side of this painted, relief carved plaque, was a mild-mannered, 5 ft. 4" Montreal policeman, who surprised everyone with his strength. Born in 1888, one of 13 children, Delamarre developed much of that strength while working on a farm as a lumberjack, and went on break Louis Cyr's record of pressing 309.5 pounds. .Here he is looking very much the unexpected muscleman, sweetly holding up his prize belt, with a lifting bench and barbell to his left, and blue sky overhead. And on reverse, these two colorful birds, with a path between them leading through a mountainous landscape, as if to say there is always a way! Charming.

10 1/8" t x 9 11/16" w and in great vintage condition, with one nail at top that could be used for hanging. Unsigned, but the subject and manner definitely say Canadian folk art, c. 1970s-80s.