SOLD Royal Cauldron "Ye Olde London Cries" Hand-painted Transferware Plates, Set of Three

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I really like the graphics on these old Royal Cauldron transferware plates, which seem to be pretty rare ones as all I've found out there is a source for replacements. There are three here, all showing plenty of age, with crazing and some see staining but for me that just adds character to these sorts of things, which I'd probably use for serving treats to guests, perhaps including smoked mackerel, which are being sold four for a shilling on one of the plates, with a cat eying them hungrily. Or hot crossed buns, with milk! These are not precious, but I think they're charming, and the colors are great.

8 3/8" in diameter, sold as a set of three. Plenty of surface wear but no chips, cracks or other issues.