Riders on Speckled Horses / Child and Cats, Double-Sided Watercolor Sketchbook Page

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This and one other today by the same maker--the last of a handful I've had by that unknown person, which were salvaged from a large sketchbook that was pulled from the flooded, over-full storage of a longtime collector. It's tragic to think of all that was lost (I understand the oversized sketchbook contained some 200 pages of drawings), with the few saved suggesting it would have blown my mind!!!!

I really love the elegance of this drawing, with these two riders in their bright colors on these spotted/dappled horses with front legs raised reminding one a lot of the grace and clarity and graphicness of Native American ledger drawings. And on reverse this plump, open faced child in pink dress surrounded by cats of many colors, and maybe a couple of little puppies too, with a mother and child with bottle in hand looking on. I brought this one to the Nameless show in NYC, where art critic Jerry Saltz chose it to give the heads up! (Photo included)

9 1/8" x 5 3/4". Uneven edges, clearly, from where it was torn out of the sketchbook, with a little water staining to the grass along the bottom. Stable now with drawing bright and crisp.