Renate Scheer Kalkofen Large Mid-Century Etching with Dancing Figures

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I purchased several abstract color prints by Renate Scheer Kalkofen (1935-2013), listed separately, but this was the one figurative print of the lot, and is unsigned, though I am certain it was hers.  There is not a whole lot out there about her, but I do know she was a graduate of Tufts University and spent much of her life in the nearby Boston suburb of Belmont, where there are records of her exhibiting from the 1960s and 70s all the way through 2011. I am pretty certain this one dates to the 1960s as the others in the shop do, and I have to wonder if she didn't make it in the fall, as the central figure looks a bit like Casper the ghost, and the others, a few with horns, perhaps fellow trick-or-treaters. Although, being the 60s, perhaps this was just a portrayal of a Saturday night bacchanal! 

Paper size 20 1/4" x 13". Image size approx 14"x9". Very good condition. Shipped flat.